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Looking for Bud Johnson Photography?

Are you looking for Bud Johnson Photography? Well, you’re in the right place! Sort of! This particular website is dedicated to all of the random things Bud and his family are up to. You can see that Bud is also a family man, a craftsman, a preacher, and just generally a DIY-er.

You’re welcome to poke around here and get to know Bud a little better. He loves to write and brag about his family, so if you did want to learn more about him, this is a great place to start. He’s also not shy about inviting people to check him out on social media – his Instagram and Facebook pages are linked here.

If you did want to know more about his wedding photography though, you’re going to want to visit his other website, www.BudJohnsonPhotography.com. There you can find information, dedicated portfolio, prices, and a direct means to contact him concerning his photography. You’re more than welcome to contact him through this page as well. He’ll be happy to hear from you, no matter the source! Continue Reading


Johnson Family Update // Summer of 2017

Family Announcement

Big, Giant, Amazing, Terrifying, Awesome News

The Johnson family is moving to Savannah, Georgia. If feels really, really great to finally say that out loud. Don’t get me wrong, we’re scared. We’re sad. We’re fully aware there will be challenges, and tons of ‘what have we done?!’ moments. But we’re also thrilled. Excited. And so very ready.

For a long time, Sarah’s known that I wanted to get up and move. Like to Thailand. Or Hawaii. Or the Caribbean. Or to the coast of Croatia. You’re probably noticing a theme. But with most of our family and friends being in our hometown, it’s been hard to actually GO. Sarah’s persevered through my more outlandish ideas, and together, through lots of prayer and long, late-night chats, we’ve found the perfect match for our family.

Continue Reading


Johnson Family Update // 2016

Anno Domini nostri Jesu Christi, 2016.

A lot has happened in 2016. Good, bad, mediocre, incredible. Every day had it’s own challenges and victories. I learned something very important in 2016, much more apparent to me now that the year is closing. I learned that setting goals has value, but when I focused less on goals or milestones, and more on dedication and character change – I began to experience greater gains in life. Even greater than my original goals or milestones might have been.  Continue Reading

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Why I deleted your Facebook comment.

First off – Let me say it, “I’m sorry.”

You’re probably mad at me. You took the time and wrote, what I’m sure is a calm, calculated, and eloquent response on my website – instagram – snapchat – facebook post – etc.

And I deleted it.

For the record, I’m not an evil tyrant. Before I deleted your post, I copied your text, private messaged it to you, sent you a link to this blog post, and an apology. I respect your opinion and the time you took to write and share it. I figured you might want the text for your own records, or maybe to start your own post or thread.

So why did I do it?

Well, it really could be for a number of reasons. Maybe it was vulgar. Maybe it was rude. Maybe it was disrespectful. There are very few of my friends that would post like that, so it probably has more to do with the following scenario. Continue Reading

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52 kid friendly memory verses using the NASB – Part 1!

My son likes to start the day by starting my day. He’s always the first person awake in our house, and he loves to mosey into my bedroom in that dawning hour to drag me from my cozy bed. Occasionally he wiggles his way into my arms, under the covers, and nods off with me, but usually he’s pretty awake and tends to either stick his fingers in my nose or sneeze in my face. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That hour or so we have together is extremely special to me, and if I have it my way, we’ll keep doing it until he’s 18 and leaves the house. I’m sure as our other kids get older, they’ll join in – and that just makes me smile even more. Continue Reading